Altruism Institute
A once in a lifetime experience for park & recreation professionals
2017 Program - Monday, September 18 thru Friday, September 22

Facilitators & Sessions of the 2017 Altruism Institute

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The Institute is led by a team of experts from the fields of health, business, law, social services, and parks & recreation. They will lead thought provoking conversation on a variety of topics including:


Capitalism - Working for the Few and not the Many led by Jeff Salzman, Founder, CareeerTrack  & the Intergral Institute
As a kick off to the Institute, Jeff will share his thoughts about how our capitalist society is driven by the few and not the many, and how this transcends to the work that we do. Why is that many critical decisions today are driven by those who have the resources at the expense of those who don't?

My Story led by Domenico Maranuchi, Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year 
Those we serve often are no more than an image in our minds. But, what if we had the chance to hear directly from someone who is a beneficiary of the very services we all work so hard to provide in our communities? Domenico, a HS junior, renaissance teen (mt. biker, artist, musician), and recent Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year, will enlighten us as we hear a brief account of his story and what role he sees non-profits and government playing in his life. After he shares his perspectives a short Q & A will provide additional insights from this fascinating young man.
Polarizing Times - The Realities of Equity & Equality? led by Wendell Pryor, Faculty, School of Public Affairs, University of CO
Social equity and income inequality are the differences found in various measures of economic well-being and opportunity among individuals in a group, and among groups in a population. These polarizing issues are powerfully relevant today as they have been the catalyst for chaos and tension in communities and institutions.  Do we truly understand the notions of equity, equality of outcome, and equality of opportunity? And further, do we understand how to address and shape these issues as part of our work?

The Danger in Doing Right by People led by Jayne Miller, Supt., Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board 
Balancing social purpose with fiscal responsibility is hard – with many continuing to stay on the sidelines and as far away from the topic as possible. Why? Because the very issue is provocative and makes many uncomfortable given the perceived consequences. Our organizations, today more than ever, need our strength and conviction when it comes to striking a thoughtful, defensible and responsible balance between caring for the social good while also ensuring fiscal viability.
Our Responsibility in the Obesity Plague led by Dr. Sandra Taylor, General Surgeon & Ironman Triathlete
With obesity rates escalating to over 40% in some states in the US, obesity is on the cusp of shifting from a epidemic to a plague. It may be time to re-think the current belief of many that the current efforts of parks and recreation systems are really working to curtail this critical national health issue. Nutrition is a huge part of the conversation as is social status and access. So, what role should we consider playing moving forward?
The Walking Dead: Now What Do We Do?  led by Sara Hensley, Director, Austin Parks & Recreation Department
With the incredible, and what at times can feel like overwhelming amount of social, fiscal and environmental change and all that comes with the change, is it any wonder we find ourselves on auto pilot, trudging along just hoping to get the end of each day unscathed. If we really take a close, laser look at our realities we can start to process what they mean with clarity. It is then and only then that we can begin to influence our organizations  and how we cope with what’s happening to us as professionals.

A Thirst for Social Enterprise led by Isabel McDevitt, Director, The Bridge House
Old certainties about tightly defined roles for government, civil society and business are dissolving. Charities and non-profits are becoming more business-like, and business is looking ever more to delivering sustainable value. But why is it that government and the public sector seem reluctant to accept this new way of thinking? How do we begin to shift our operations to match this new reality? And what would first steps look like for us?

Working for the Common Good - de-briefs led by Jamie Sabbach, President, 110%, Inc.
​These daily check-ins will act as de-briefs of each day’s programs using the 2017 Altruism Institute read, For the Common Good; Redefining Civic Leadership. Each check in will be conducted in an interview format for the purposes of developing an Altruism Institute podcast.